Adult Novice Climber

This membership group is for adult novice climbers – those who are over-18 and have little or no experience of indoor bouldering.

With this membership, you can climb under the supervision of either an instructor or a competent climber. You will not be able to climb independently until you have gained experience by completing a Bouldering Induction or gaining experience by visiting many times with competent climbers.

Find out who can register as a competent climber and how many climbers they can supervise.

Getting Independent

If you would like to climb unsupervised then you can either complete an induction or gain experience under the supervision of a competent climber.

Registration Form

Before you climb at the Station you will need to complete a registration form.

If you have completed an induction and feel comfortable with the centre’s rules then you may be an Competent Climber.