We are excited to be running our first Junior Open bouldering competition on Sunday 4th July. This will be one of the first opportunities for junior climbers to compete for over a year of wall closures. The competition is a fun event with problems for all abilities but is mainly aimed at those who have competed before or those looking to do their first competition. Entry costs £15.00 and we will be providing trophies to first place and medals to second and third place. All competitors will receive t-shirt.

Please book as soon as possible to guarantee a place and to help us assess numbers. At the latest, places need to be booked by 26th June.


A big thank you to all those who took part and to all the parents too. We are very proud of how the event went, and we really hope that all those involved had a good time competing. The Full Results are in the link below, another massive congratulations to the winners in each category.

->   Results Table  <-


We will be keeping a close eye on the current COVID Restrictions and will release final information nearer the time. We will certainly have some restrictions in place and one of our primary objectives is to host a safe and responsible event.

There will be hand sanitizer available throughout the climbing centre and everyone entering the building will have their temperature taken. All parents will need to wear masks at all times and competitors aged 11+ will need to wear a mask when not on the mats.

We highly recommend liquid chalk be used as a further means of mitigating transmission. This will be available to buy if required.

Numbers will be restricted inside the centre to make social distancing possible. We will be waiting for up-to-date guidelines before finalizing our numbers. Currently we are allowing for 25 per category plus 1 parent per child. This may increase to 30 if circumstances allow.

Health and Safety

The Climbing Station Staff will be on hand, floor walking and judging to help maintain a safe climbing environment.

There will be red Velcro on the matting marking out the climbing zones. Parents should not enter this.

The Competition

Competitors will be split into boys and girls and age categories as follows; each category will have its own allocated 90 minutes climbing slot:

Group E: (year of birth 2013 or 2012) 0900 to 10:30

Group D (year of birth 2010 or 2011)- 11:00-12:30

Group C (year of birth 2008 or 2009)- 13:00- 14:30

Group B (year of birth 2006 or 2007)- 15:00- 16:30

Group A (year of birth 2004 or 2005) and Junior (year of birth 2002 or 2003)- 17:00- 18:30

It will be your own responsibility to warm up. There will be 10 boulder problems per category, these will be of varying difficulty, but it is recommended you do problems 1 and 2 first as these will be the easiest.

The competition will be a scramble format meaning you will need to walk between the problems yourself and organize your own strategy. Each problem will have a route judge assigned to it and you will need to hand your scorecard into the judge before climbing. You can have up to three attempts at each problem.

If no upward movement is happening on a problem after 60 seconds, a judge will issue a warning. If no further upwards movement happens the climber will be called down.

Any appeals need to be made promptly to the judge. The head judge’s decision is final.

To start a problem, your hands and feet must all be touching the taped start holds, in control. To finish or ‘top’ a problem you must hold the final hold in control, with both hands. The problem will also have a ‘zone hold’ for this to count you must hold it in control (one hand is sufficient).

The winners of each category will be scored using the following priorities.

  1. Number of tops
  2. Number of zones
  3. Number of attempts at top
  4. Number of attempts at zones

At our discretion we may also do a climb off for first place if appropriate.

After the Competition

Once your 90-minute climbing slot is over, you will be told to stop climbing. It is important that you finish promptly and leave the bouldering area so the next group can get started.

We will be announcing the winners and handing out trophies and medals on the day. This will either be in the carpark or another suitable area, weather permitting.

You can collect your event t shirt after you have finished climbing.

If you have any questions please contact The Climbing Station via email info@theclimbingstation.com

Or by phone