The wave consists of a two angle slab and a corner
Vertical and roof sections of climbing wall
Slabby and and vertical climbing walls
The fan is a series of overhanging arêtes with a stepped overhang at the end

We have many facilities: as well as 800sq metres of bouldering, we also have 8 top rope climbing walls, and an extensive training area.


We offer 800sq metres of bouldering including slabs, vert, overhangs and roofs. We have 11 coloured boulder circuits ranging from VB- V8+, including a set especially for children and an upstairs area with plenty of child friendly problems. We set a new circuit every single week so there is always something new. We use professional setters from all over The UK.

Roped Climbing

We have 8 bottom roping lines available going up to 6 metres. These are usually used for groups and parties but are also open to the public.


We have an extensive training area including two circuit boards (10 degree and 35 degree), a 45 degree systems board, fingerboards, campus boards and rings. We also have some gym equipment available on request. This should only be used by experienced climbers.

Our campus board and pull-up bar
Training on the rings in the training room
Man climbing on the systems board
Woman using the lattice board during an assessment


Slab climb
Captain Cutloose on the Prow
Andy Emm climbing the systems board
Kids on top rope wallKids on top rope wall
Climber on the Step
Top Rope Climbing
Evi on the mini prow
Ali climbing the roof lip
Michael on the prow
Ben on volume route
Tom H on overhang to slab
Ben weightless like a leaf
Unknown climber on the route named purple rain
Climber on crescent arete