Customer Policies regarding COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID 19) continues to pose an additional risk to staff and customers and therefore we have retained the following customer COVID-19 policies. Our goal is to provide as safe an environment as possible whilst adapting to the changing circumstances.

Note:  These procedures are in addition to the regular Climbing Station policies.

Management will review the risk assessment regularly to make sure our policies remain up to date and provide the best safeguarding for staff and customers.

In line with Government guidelines, if requested, we will pass some of your personal information on in line with track and trace requirements.

These policies are designed to minimize the risk of transmitting and/or catching Covid-19 at The Climbing Station. The policies cannot eliminate all the risk and customers should exercise their own judgment on deciding to visit The Climbing Station.

Although formal Government COVID-19 restrictions are ending on 19th July, please think of others and act with consideration: wear a mask when not climbing and respect others personal space.

  1. Customers must not attend The Climbing Station if they or anyone from their household displays any symptoms of Covid-19 or if they have had a positive test or have been told to self-isolate by track and trace.
  2. We are maintaining a maximum capacity in the centre so customers should book a 120-minute time slot through the website to climb. We will allow customers to just turn up, however, customers might be turned away if we were at capacity or would be during their 120 min session.
  3. If the centre is under capacity at the end of your allocated time, you can continue to climb after your 120 minutes.
  4. Customers should arrive ready to climb and ideally avoid changing on the premises.
  5. Upon arrival all customers will have their temperature taken by a surface thermometer. If over 37.5 degrees entry will be refused.
  6. Customers must be signed in at the beginning of their session and out at the end.
  7. We would prefer customers to prepay via the booking system and use contactless wherever possible.
  8. We will continue to provide hand sanitizing stations and customers should sanitize/ wash their hands before and after climbing and regularly during your visit.
  9. Our staff will continue to do additional cleaning around the centre, please highlight if you see anything that needs additional attention.
  10. We would like all customers to continue using face masks when entering and leaving the centre, in the café area, toilets/ changing rooms and when preparing to climb or resting. Children under 11 do not need to wear one unless they wish to. Medical exemptions also apply.
  11. We would encourage customers to use liquid chalk to help sanitize their hands while climbing. We have also seen benefit in cleaner air and less dust in the centre.
  12. Customers are encouraged to be considerate to other wall users and maintain social distancing of 2m from other customers and Climbing Station staff wherever possible. There are red tape indicators at 2m intervals.
  13. The toilets will also have a maximum capacity of 2, as indicated on the door, which the customers are asked not to exceed.
  14. The café is fully open and will be serving teas, coffees, and a selection of cakes.
  15. Please return hire shoes back to the table provided, not reception.
  16. All rubbish should be put in the appropriate bins but mugs and plates from the café should be left on tables for collection by staff.
  17. Gym equipment such as weights and pulleys can be used but they need to be signed in and out.
  18. Customers must adhere to all Climbing Station policies when using the facilities.

Many Thanks for you continued support throughout this situation. Please abide by these polices to ensure that, as a centre, we are doing our best to minimise the new risk that Covid-19 poses.