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Wednesday Coaching

All coaching costs £4 per session (in addition to normal entry costs). Booking is essential. To Find out what’s happening over the next couple of months, have a look at our Coaching Calendar.

We are changing the way we run our Wednesday Coaching sessions from 06/11/2019. We’re introducing 3 new sessions – Induction +, Social Climb, and Training for Climbing. Each of them aiming at different levels of experience and ability. These will be in addition to the Beginner and Intermediate coaching sessions we already run and they will continue on an alternate week basis. They are described as follows:

  • Beginner coaching: Suitable for newer climbers operating at around VB-2
  • Intermediate coaching: Suitable for more experienced climbers, generally climbing around V3-5
  • Induction + : This session will cover some basic coaching techniques for those who have recently completed an induction, or for those who want to learn the very basics. Guideline grade VB-1
  • Social Climb: This is an informal coaching session where our coach will be on hand to give beta and advice. The focus will be on a particular circuit each week. Ideal if your struggling to break into that next grade. Includes a tea or coffee.
  • Training for Climbing: An introduction on how to supplement your climbing with physical training. The focus will range from fingerboards through to core with a heavy focus on best practice. Guideline grade V4+.

Prerequisites: You must have completed an induction or be a competent member of the wall.

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