Beyond Hope Climbing are bringing their latest Evolv shoes, the Oracle and the X1. Come along and try the shoes out on a few climbs.

The X1 offers more sensitivity and “feel” than any shoe on the market without breaking the bank. Built on a medium volume, downturned and down cambered last, the X1 is built for training hard in the gym and sending hard outside. The single hook and loop strap closure makes it easy to get on and off. The Trax SAS outsole and massive toe patch give the X1 a true “sock” fit and feel on the wall without sacrificing a secure fit.

The Oracle is the next step in performance. Utilizing the “Love Bump” and “Knuckle Box” for maximum edging power and comfort, coupled with an all-new high-tension heel rand and “Dark Spine” heel midsole, the Oracle gives the highest level of fit and control available on the market. Speed laces run through the FSS Heel Tensioner giving unparalleled support, locking the heel in to maximize power on any angle.