Winter Bouldering League 21/22

The Winter League Returns!

Starting from Wednesday 3rd of November, we’ll be giving you four rounds of 30 problems to come and have a go at! You’ll have a full month (ish) to attempt to get as much done as possible with more points awarded depending on how quickly you can do them and you can add to your score at any point! You can enter the competition at any point throughout the month. Your best 3 round scores are taken to make your total for the competition. The categories will be as follows:

Under 16’s

Open M/F (16-39)

Veterans (40-49)

Legends (50+)

Your category will be determined on your age at the start of the 1st round. It will cost £2 to enter each round. There will be prizes for the top performers in each category as well as the possibility of winning a Spot Prize if you enter all 4 rounds.

We’re very grateful to our sponsors for this comp, Beta Outdoor Sports ( Tenaya and Wild Country)and Happy Camel Campervans.

Dates for the rounds are as follows -> Round 1 – 03/11 -> 30/11 : Round 2 – 01/12 ->04/01 : Round 3 – 05/01 -> 01/02 : Round 4 – 02/02 – 01/03

Round 1 Results

Under 16s

Open Female

Open Male



Slab climb
Captain Cutloose on the Prow
Andy Emm climbing the systems board
Student climbing courtyard arete
Kids on top rope wallKids on top rope wall
Climber on the Step
Top Rope Climbing
Warm-Up Area/ Traverse Wall
Evi on the mini prow
Ali climbing the roof lip
Michael on the prow
Ben on volume route
Tom H on overhang to slab
Ben weightless like a leaf
Unknown climber on the route named purple rain
Climber on crescent arete