Dear Customers

Unfortunately we are closing again from 22:00 on November the 4th. We expect to open again on December the 3rd but will announce any further changes on Social Media. All memberships will be frozen from that day until we can reopen again. If you wish to help us out and keep your membership running over this time then please let us know.

Thanks you for your understanding and see you soon.

The Climbing Station Team

Winter Bouldering League 2020/21

Our winter bouldering league is back! This year, there will have to be obvious changes though… Starting from Thursday 5th of November we’ll set a monthly round of 30 problems to test your abilities, down from 40 in previous years. In a slight change from the Birthday Competition this year, there will only be two categories, Fun and Open, where each category only has 20 problems to get done. In yet another change to how we ran our birthday competition, we can add to your score at anytime! So there’s no 90 minute time pressure this time.

Please remember to book a 90 minute climbing slot. This can be done through our online calendar.

Now that we’ll be entering a second lockdown on 05/11/2020, who really knows when this will happen properly,. With that being said… each round will run as follows:

1st Round – ??/?? – ??/??

2nd Round – ??/?? – ??/??

3rd Round – ??/?? – ??/??

Final Round – ??/?? – ??/??

We’ll update this when we know more (know anything). Each round will cost £3 to enter. We have some fantastic prizes to be won, supplied by Boreal, Aphotic Tattoo Studio and Tor + Edge.

The scores will be posted here after the conclusion of each round.