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Winter Bouldering League 2019-2020

Our Winter Bouldering League Returns! On the first Thursday of each of the winter months (except January when it is on the second Thursday) each round will commence. Running from 17:00-21:00, the time allowance gives each competitor plenty of time to give all their problems a good go!

We have got extra categories as well! In addition to the Fun, Intermediate and Open categories, we’re introducing the Junior (Under 18) Open and Veterans (45+) Open categories. With the new categories, there’ll be plenty of winners, and that means more prizes up for grabs! This is only possible due to our sponsors, Scarpa, Climb Skin and Peak Climbing School, so obviously they deserve a massive thanks!

Once set, the problems will remain up for the month until the next round starts. That means there’s plenty of time to finish any climbs that were a little out of reach on the night!

We will publish the scores to this page once each round of competition has been completed.

Round 1 Scores – Fun, Intermediate, Open, Youth Open, Veteran Open