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Winter Boulder League 2017/18

The Climbing Station is proud to present our Winter Boulder League. Each round is only £3 to enter, with free food on each night! The four rounds will be held on the first Thursday of each month.

The competition is open to all, with 3 categories

  • Fun (VB-4)
  • Intermediate (V2-6)
  • Open (V4-8+)

The best scores of 3 rounds will be taken to crown our Winter Boulder League champions. The champion of each category will take home a pair of climbing shoes.

Special thanks for our sponsors Charko DesignsEB ClimbingTENAYA and SJ Mountain Sports.



  1. Sam Butler – TENAYA shoes
  2. Sam Amps – Climbing ½ day with SJ Mountain Sports
  3. Cat – Charko Tee Shirt


  1. Jacob Newton – TENAYA shoes
  2. Morgan Finney – Climbing ½ day with SJ Mountain Sports
  3. Ronan Wilde – Charko Tee Shirt

Open (Male)

  1. Ben Roe – TENAYA shoes
  2. Michael Adams – 2-month Climbing Station pass
  3. Henry Todman – Charko Tee Shirt

Open (Female)

  1. Hazel Dearlove – TENAYA shoes
  2. Kim Buenaventura – Lattice assessment

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