Summer Festival 2019

Summer Festival Poster

Our Summer Festival 2019 was held on 8th June, from 12:00-17:00. In 2019, while bringing back favourites from previous years, we refreshed the format by adding a number of additional events.


We ran various competitions throughout the day. First, a fun boulder competition suitable for beginners and experienced boulderers alike. Each category had 20 problems to climb, scores were based on the number of tops and attempts on those tops. The categories in 2019 were:

Fun Men (VB-4)

Fun Women (VB-4)

Open Men (V4-8+)

Open Women (V4-8+)

Under-14s (VB-4)

Prizes were given to the top 3 climbers in each category. The competition also featured two spectator problems. In addition, we offered prizes based upon a number of predetermined “secret scores”.

In addition, we ran a speed comp on our roped wall, a dyno comp, a pull-up comp and a “hang the sloper” comp. Prizes were given to the winners in each of these competitions.

Beyond the Comps

In addition to the competitions we had a BBQ running throughout the day and a written a climbing quiz.


Summer Festival Scores

The quiz answers, for anyone interested were:

(1) Musical Highball, balancy problem using small edges and a rib – Many leave at the intermission West Side Story (Burbage West)
(2) Gross Condiment/Ship Polished edges leading to a slopey finish – A famous first Marie Rose (Bas Cuvier)
(3) Actor A slopey rib in an unpleasant setting (flexible hips useful) Brad Pit (Plantation)
(4) Pun on a genre Thin slab climbing on small polished edges Science Friction (Apremont)
(5) Movie Title Smeary traverse with a dynamic finish (the definition of morpho) Deliverance (Plantation)
(6) Whisky Industry Term Mantle onto the highball, green, padding slab Angel’s Share (Black Rocks)
(7) Religeous Act A Roof problem – Very bold, very classic and very local Sacrificial Offering (Cademan Woods)
(8) Broadcaster Roof crack Melvyn Bragg (Ramshaw)
(9) Video Game A compression problem, with a mega toehook to turn an arete Tetris (4th Cloud)
(10) Sci-Fi Series/NASA Probe A big prow on razor edges Voyager (Burbage North)