Squash League 2023


The Squash League is upon us! As with previous years we will set 100 problems over the course of the next 3 months. With at least 10 new boulders every 2 weeks, you won’t run out of problems to go at!

Unlike our other competitions, the number of attempts taken on each climb does not affect your score. You get one point for every problem that you complete.

There are five categories: Under 16’s, Open Women, Open Men, Veterans (45->59) and Legends (60+).

Entry costs just £3 for the whole competition.

There’ll be prizes for the top 3 in each category. Thanks to OCUN, for supporting this event.


All scores will be uploaded here after each wave of problems has been set. The first Tally is below. This is a rolling total that gets checked every two weeks.

Squash Legends First Tally Squash Open Female First Tally Squash Open Male First Tally Squash Under 16’s First Tally Squash Veterans First Tally