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We will be hosting a series of Masterclasses at The Climbing Station. These sessions cost just £20 each and involve coaching from professional climbers and climbing coaches.

The sessions in this series are as follows:

Tom Randall

Crack Climbing Masterclass

Tom Randall, one half of the Wideboyz, will be running a session on the art of crack climbing. Hone your jamming skills on Tom’s crack volumes.

5th December



Mina Leslie Wujastyk

Tactics of Projecting

Mina Leslie Wujastyk will be running a session on the tactics of projecting. Mina has climbed multiple 8c routes and bouldered up to f8b. Learn the tactics needed to send your projects with one of the best climbers in the country.

5th December



Billy Ridal

Competition Climbing

Billy Ridal is a very experienced competition climber. Having climbed in the GB Junior Lead Team, he is now in the GB Climbing Team. In 2018 he qualified for the semi-finals at the IFSC world championships in Innsbrook. Beyond competitions, Billy made the youngest ascent of Careless Torque f8a and has bouldered up to f8b.

13th February 2019



Suzan Dudink

Movement Efficiency

Suzan Dudink is a very accomplished climber, coach and route setter. Suzan has climbed f8a+ and is part of the Junior GB Coaching Team.

9th March 2019