Lattice Assessments (£100)

We have our own 10-degree Lattice Board and Lattice Assessor.

Lattice Assessments are the latest coaching initiative which is widely accepted as the world’s leading performance profiling tool. Through a series of physical tests, we are able to determine your strengths and weaknesses compared to hundreds of other climbers in our database.

We will then direct you towards improving your weaknesses relative to your current climbing goals.

We can also write you a training plan (£30 per month minimum 3 months) that will direct you exactly on how to train each week leading up to your goals. We have had great success with these plans with the majority of climbers surpassing what they thought was possible.

Find out more about Lattice Training on their website:

Climber being assessed on the Station's Lattice board

The assessment session is completed on the Lattice Board and takes around 2 hours to complete. The data collected is analysed to assess performance factors and also allows cross referencing, so you can see how you compare to other climbers of a similar grade.

At present the Lattice Board has been rigorously tested and trialled on climbers from 6c+ (5.11+) to 9a+ (5.15) and V5-V14 and we therefore feel that this is the most appropriate standard for a climber to obtain before coming to test on this particular facility.

Whilst it is not impossible for lower grade climbers to use the Lattice Board we want to be absolutely sure that your results are valid. We continue to pride ourselves in a testing methodology that can be backed by strong evidence and science based conclusions and thus (for the moment) the Lattice Board remains applicable to a closed performance set.

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