The Climbing Station Birthday Month!

This year, we’re celebrating our birthday across the whole month on September! In a slight change to the standard competition format, we’re going to give you 90 minutes to get through as many problems as you can. But… You can enter the competition at any point during the month! This will obviously rely on honesty, so no cheeky attempts before grabbing your scorecard!

The Competition

This years competition will run from Saturday 5th of September through till the end of the month. 30 problems will be lovingly crafted by our team of setters ranging from VB-V8 which everyone will get to have a crack at and, better yet, it is FREE to enter!

To add an extra twist to the competition, you can enter the competition at any point… However, you will only have the one session to climb attempt all 30 problems! So pick a day when you’re feeling good and get crushing. The point scoring format will be 10 for a flash, 7 for 2nd attempt, 4 for the 3rd attempt and 1 for any attempt after.

We will also have prizes to give out… but not in a traditional sense again. There will be 3 “magic” scores which will be used to award the prizes, these may have something to do with how the setters fair on the problems themselves, or the scores may possibly be completely random; who really knows!?